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NLV, HUD facilitate home purchase in sinking neighborhood
Bill awaiting governor’s signature would prohibit sales in Windsor Park.
NV Energy’s natural disaster plan a calamity for Southern Nevada ratepayers, say experts
A natural disaster preparedness plan focused in Northern Nevada could cost NV Energy customers hundreds of millions of dollars over the next three years, according to testimony filed with the Public Utilities Commission, with customers in the southern part of the state subsidizing improvements on the utility’s property in the north.
Budget impasse resolved in zippy special session, all eyes turn to $380 million A’s deal
Late Monday, in the 11th hour of the 2023 regular legislative session, Senate Republicans blocked a key budget bill, forced a special session, and threatened to hold out “as long as necessary” But just 24 hours later, in a zippy special session that lasted just two hours, an identical budget passed out of the Legislature and is now headed to Gov. Joe Lombardo’s desk.
Resort industry pitches regional homelessness project, asks state for $100M
On the third-to-last day of a 120-day legislative session, Assembly Speaker Steve Yeager (D-Las Vegas) and a small army of lobbyists representing the state’s premier industry asked lawmakers to establish a $100 million fund to support the buildout of a “transformational campus” that offers support to the unhoused or people at risk of homelessness.
Legislation prohibits penalties for street vendors, mandates counties create path to permits
For years, street food vendors have asked lawmakers to update ordinances that create legal and financial hurdles to obtaining a valid permit — but they may have to wait a little longer.
Lombardo signs 2 of Democrats’ budget bills as they advance 2 of his education bills
Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo on Wednesday signed two key budget bills passed by the Democratic-controlled Legislature. The budget bills include the funding for K-12 public education and are two of the five bills that comprise Nevada’s budget.
NV Energy fluffing up renewable energy sales in reports, says state’s advocate
Nevada’s Consumer Advocate Ernest Figueroa says NV Energy is fudging the percentage of electricity sales it reports from renewable energy sources in an annual report filed with the Public Utilities Commission, and would not meet its requirement if not for accounting practices that will soon be prohibited.

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