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Perennial Candidate Mack Miller Jailed on Theft Charges
BREAKING STORY: Former candidate for Lieutenant Governor and political firebrand, Mack Joseph Miller is no stranger to run-ins with the law. Last week, Miller was remanded into custody over allegations that he stole an amount of money in excess of $100,000.
New Educator of the Year – Ramsey Salisbury (Video)
Desert Oasis High School is the home of one of our winners of New Educator Of the Year! Meet Ramsey Salisbury, an English teacher who connects with students through his vibrant energy and character.
The History Chicks : Two Women, Half the Population, and Several Thousand Years of History
In 2011 Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider began a podcast they refer to as "Two women. Half the population. Several thousand years of history". This clever podcast rebukes any resemblance of their podcast to a boring old history lesson as purely coincidental.
Making Better Multigrain Bread
As much as I love whole wheat bread, sometimes it can taste a little too one-dimensional. This recipe takes the nutritional value of whole wheat bread and boosts the flavor with five to seven different whole grains that provide a depth of flavor. The addition of sunflower seeds provides a welcome (but not overpowering) crunch and burst of nutty flavor.
Caution: Months of Roadwork Ahead
With cones and detours sprouting up across the state the patience of commuters is being tested. Of course, making the roadways more efficient, safer, and in many cases bigger is in the best interest of these same commuters. The drivers we spoke to seemed less put off by the inconvenience of the construction than by the longevity of the projects.
Can the VGK go all the way? Futrell & Messier say “Yes!”
As we head into the Stanley Cup Finals on Saturday, one thing is for sure; The winner of this series will bring home the cup for the first time in their team's history. Across Nevada, the question on everyone's mind is will this be the year for the Vegas Golden Knights?
The Bowery Boys : New York History Podcast
In keeping with our commitment to bring history and civics to the forefront of our work at Battle Born News we would like to introduce to you a podcast born of the passion of two men for New York history.
Sex Assault Perpetrator Wanted!
On May 18, 2023, LVMPD Detectives investigated multiple burglaries in the area of West Flamingo Road and CC-215 West.

In one of the incidents, the suspect was confronted by a homeowner who was then attacked and sexually assaulted by the suspect.

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