Basic Consideration and Courtesy (Commentary)
I run a nonprofit sports facility called the Tarkanian Basketball Academy. We teach young kids the life lessons they learn through playing sports such as work ethic, handling adversity, and winning with class and losing with dignity.
The facility regularly hosts basketball tournaments. After one of the games, I walked by a bench and almost tripped over the numerous empty bottles left on the floor by the previous team, despite a trash can on each corner of the court.

I went into the bathroom where two water faucets were left running, used paper towels were laying on the floor, and toilets had not been flushed. Walking out to my car, I noticed the parking lot was littered with more trash, much of which was right next to trash cans.

This is the new norm in our society. Walk through a TSA line and you will see empty bottles and cans thrown on the floor even though trash cans are provided at the beginning and end of the line.

When I was a young child, I saw a commercial that had a profound effect upon me. A Native American was standing on the side of the road with tears in his eyes as he watched a car drive by and throw garbage out the window. Littering really bothers me. It takes minimal effort to throw garbage in a trash can or flush a toilet or to turn off a faucet, for that matter.

Recently, I was at an outdoor rec center playing basketball with my 13-year-old son. On the next court, was a person shooting alone with a boom box screaming out a rap song filled with vulgarity, sex, and violence.

That afternoon, I went to the pool with my kids. A group of 14- and 15-year-olds entered shortly thereafter. Their language was worse than the rap music and it was sprinkled with how F’ed up they were. I quickly ushered my kids back to the sanctity of our condo.

At the beach, teenagers and young adults were talking to one another using vulgarity and obscene language, just feet from where mothers were watching their toddlers and young kids play in the sand. I finished the day by taking a walk on the boardwalk with my kids. This 40-something guy rollerblades by blasting a rap song filled with more obscene words from his boom box leaving a strong stench of marijuana in the air.

What has happened to our society?

I enjoy opening the door for ladies and elderly people. I always get a nice response when I do. I tell my daughters never get in or out of a car if your date does not open the door for you. These gestures demonstrate respect and consideration.

We have gone from a society of chivalry, respect and consideration to a society that is self-centered, entitled, and crude.

Danny Tarkanian
Danny Tarkanian is an attorney, businessman, and incumbent Douglas County Commissioner. The author of the "Can you handle the truth?" blog, Danny also runs the Tarkanian Basketball Academy and is married to former GOP Chairwoman, Amy Tarkanian.

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