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Democrats reject Lombardo’s $3.2M funding request for private school scholarships
Lawmakers accuse governor of manufacturing crisis, point blame at ‘greedy’ Florida-based scholarship organization

The inner mechanics of Nevada’s quasi-private school voucher program came under intense scrutiny Wednesday during a nearly 12-hour meeting that ended with Democrats rejecting Gov. Joe Lombardo’s $3.2 million funding request.
No Labels qualifies in Nevada as minor party for 2024 general election
National group has stated intent to run presidential candidate in all 50 states

No Labels, a national campaign to field a third-party presidential candidate in 2024, has qualified for Nevada’s general election ballot as a minor party, the secretary of state’s office confirmed to the Current Friday. It marks the first time a minor party has qualified for a general election ballot in the Silver State since the 1970s.
Nonpartisan voters now outnumber Democrats, Republicans in Nevada
Nonpartisans now outnumber both the Democratic and Republican parties in Nevada. Data from the Nevada Secretary of State’s office released this week shows there are now 605,112 nonpartisans (31.86% of active registered voters), compared to 601,882 Democrats (31.69%) and 551,090 Republicans (29%).
Lombardo assures street vendors police are on their side
In a bill signing ceremony Tuesday, Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo praised legislation decriminalizing street vendors in classic conservative terms: “entrepreneurship” and reducing regulatory burdens for small businesses.
Not quite a home run, but Oakland A’s still manage to score $380m Vegas deal
Wednesday brought to an end an eight-day special session that approved $380 million in public assistance for a proposed $1.5 billion, 30,000-seat, 9-acre baseball stadium for the Oakland A’s on the Las Vegas Strip.
Budget impasse resolved in zippy special session, all eyes turn to $380 million A’s deal
Late Monday, in the 11th hour of the 2023 regular legislative session, Senate Republicans blocked a key budget bill, forced a special session, and threatened to hold out “as long as necessary” But just 24 hours later, in a zippy special session that lasted just two hours, an identical budget passed out of the Legislature and is now headed to Gov. Joe Lombardo’s desk.
Notables and Longshots Comprise Ballot in LV Mayor’s Race … Already!
With election season beginning earlier and earlier it has become difficult to tell when one election cycle ends and the next begins. Case in point is the Las Vegas Mayor’s race and although the election isn’t until 2024, we’ve had announced candidates for quite a while.
Civics vs. Politics : Enter Battle Born News
According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, proficiency scores for eighth-grade students in history and civics have dramatically dropped. In fact, the scores are the lowest since the assessment began in 1994.
Lombardo signs 2 of Democrats’ budget bills as they advance 2 of his education bills
Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo on Wednesday signed two key budget bills passed by the Democratic-controlled Legislature. The budget bills include the funding for K-12 public education and are two of the five bills that comprise Nevada’s budget.

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