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Depending on where in Mexico the recipes come from and where in the World you come from the term “authentic” can mean very different things, but one thing is for sure; If you are going to cook authentic mexican food, you have to begin with fresh natural ingredients and Frijoles y Frescas does just that.
** Images provided by Frijoles y Frescas via Instagram
Whether you order their street tacos, tostadas, burritos, or their carne asada quesadillas the flavor of fresh ingredients will please and delight you. The Mexican street corn and their signature shrimp cocktails in particular scream with the flavor of fresh produce.
One thing that makes Frijoles y Frescas special is that their food appeals to aficionados and beginners alike. Whether you are looking for the recipe your abuelita used to make (let’s be real though, nobody beats Abuelita’s cooking) or if you’re a born and bred American who is seeking the adventure of authentic Mexican food, the menu at Frjoles y Frescas will not disappoint you.
With six locations across Las Vegas (and their seventh location in Utah) there is sure to be a location near you. (See List Below)
Note: This review is based on multiple occasions dining at the Charleston and Rainbow locations.
If you haven’t been to Frijoles y Frescas before, you should definitely take a moment to look over their menu before you go. Our only complaint about Frijoles y Frescas is that for some reason when you reach the register, their menu board doesn’t quite help you find all of the options you actually have. This is not the same at every location, but we wouldn’t want you to miss out just because of stage fright. So, take a look at the menu and definitely go to their Instagram and Facebook pages (see below) where you’ll find dozens of photographs that are sure to make your mouth water.
Video provided by Frijoles y Frescas via YouTube - Not a paid advertisement
Speaking of water, be sure to try their Aguas Frescas. With a variety of fresh flavors you can mix and match to create your own tasty beverage, but be sure to pace yourself. If you drink it all before your food is ready you’ll miss out on the experience of how well these refreshing drinks complement and enhance the flavor of the food.
If you’re new to this restaurant, there are some things you should look out for;
1)  Let’s say for example, you’re not a fan of cilantro. Or you’re a little intimidated by spicy foods. Well, if you order your food without the flavorful ingredients that make them so awesome, don’t come running back to your computer to email us about your disappointment. Give their recipes a chance and you will likely enjoy yourself. More importantly, give yourself a few visits to experience all of their menu. You won’t regret it.

2)  Some meats are greasy. If you’re not used to authentic Mexican cooking, there are some textures and flavors that can overwhelm you. If a little grease or a little extra spicy kick in your quesadilla or taco bothers you, ask the cook before you order and they’ll steer you clear of any surprises. Truth be told, a little grease and a little heat never hurt anybody and in some cases it can make the whole experience worthwhile. This is a great place to expand your palate and maybe give that spice another try.

3)  Fresh ingredients are a little more expensive. If you’re honest with yourself you’d surely agree that paying a little more for fresh ingredients is not only a good idea, but it just makes good sense. While the prices at Frijoles y Frescas are just fine, they may be a tiny bit higher in some cases due to the cost of cooking with real cheeses, fresh vegetables, and … well … real food. Enjoy the freshness, but go in with a proper expectation. When you consider the price of the entire meal it will likely all balance out.

4)  Portions can be a tricky thing when you’re ordering things like street tacos. One restaurant makes tacos that can fit three in the palm of your hand. Others make tacos where only one will do. Depending on what you order, you may need to order in multiples to get where you want to be. This may even take a visit or two, but if you want our advice, too much food is always better than too little. Just take your time and dial it in and before you know it you’ll find the perfect quantity to price balance and the perfect order to satisfy your hungry tummy.

Well, that concludes today’s orientation. It looks like the only thing left to do is go have some fantastic food!
Use the links below to check out the Frijoles y Frescas menu and don’t forget to check out the pictures on social media. They will definitely put you in the mood. The best thing about the FyF photos is that they’re not polished fake promotional photos. They are real photographs of their actual food. Take a look and you’ll see what we mean. Enjoy!
Click Here for a Map of Frijoles y Frescas Locations
Frijoles y Frescas Locations

7000 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Phone: (702) 240-2750

Between Rainbow and Buffalo on W. Charleston

4811 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Phone: (702) 483-5399

On the corner of Rainbow & Tropicana

2490 E. Desert Inn Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Phone (702) 538-7288

By La Bonita on Desert Inn & Eastern

1292 S. Nellis Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Phone (702) 432-0082

In the same parking lot as Target and Kohl’s at Charleston & Nellis.

7280 W. Azure Dr., Ste. 150, Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Phone (702) 331-1801

In Tenaya Center at Centennial Hills, located on the corner of Tenaya and Azure.

7684 South Las Vegas Blvd.

Phone (702)476-5672

Located  by South Premium Outlets

1555 W Regency Road. Cedar City, Utah

Phone (435)708-0355

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