Perennial Candidate Mack Miller Jailed on Theft Charges
BREAKING STORY: Former candidate for Lieutenant Governor and political firebrand, Mack Joseph Miller is no stranger to run-ins with the law. Last week, Miller was remanded into custody over allegations that he stole an amount of money in excess of $100,000.
According to the Clark County Inmate Information Database, Miller was arrested earlier this month. Miller's name (Inmate ID#02680267) return two separate records that appear to indicate that there are multiple charges pending. One record indicates theft in excess of $100,000 while the other, under a separate case number, lists a theft of at least $25,000 but not more than $100,000.
Photo provided via Miller's campaign Instagram account (@mackmillernv)
Although this case is developing we are unable to corroborate the specifics of how Mr. Miller was taken into custody, the system indicates and several people close to the case have reported that Miller is, in fact, in custody at this time pending a trial set for November of this year. This is supported by the Inmate Information Database which lists Miller's "Jury Trial" date for 11/20/2023.
Local media has widely reported Miller's previous run-ins with the law including an altercation during a Clark County Commission meeting where Miller was escorted out of the meeting resulting in allegations by Miller that he was injured during the affair. This same incident resulted in a lawsuit filed by Miller against County Commissioner Tick Segerblom in the amount of $125 million for defamation, a lawsuit that Miller lost and in which Segerblom prevailed in seeking court costs from Miller.
A colorful presence in local politics for over a decade Miller has faced a litany of accusations resulting from numerous business transactions in which some have accused Miller of attempting to pass himself off as legal representation. In 2018 the Nevada Secretary of State's office issued a "Cease and Desist" letter to Miller stating exactly that including allegations that Miller made off with money from a settlement awarded to a client. The document issued by the Secretary of State's office alleges that Miller obtained the client and the funds through misleading practices. It is unclear if Miller's current legal difficulties stem from the allegations levied by the Secretary of State's office back in 2018.

Miller also faced scrutiny after he began campaigning for office in a limousine, which resulted in another legal entanglement when authorities discovered that Miller did not have the proper licenses to operate a vehicle for hire.

While campaigning for office Miller was anything but a traditional candidate. Local political operatives told us that Miller often engaged in practices with little to no practical value such as putting campaign flyers on automobiles. "Putting flyers on cars makes no sense. You have no idea if the owners of those cars are even registered voters." one operative told us.
We will follow up with more details on Miller's current case(s) as they emerge.

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