Photo Journal: Space Shuttle Endeavour Gets New Home
The Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center.

"Early 2024 will mark the culmination of the unprecedented, multi-phase "Go for Stack" process of creating the world’s only authentic, 20-story, ready-to-launch space shuttle system display as the star attraction of the California Science Center’s future Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center.

Following the completion of the installation of the two 149-foot Solid Rocket Boosters this past December, the next major milestones will be the move, lift, and installation of the Space Shuttle External Tank, ET-94, beginning January 10. The largest component of the stack, the enormous, orange ET-94 weighs 65,000 lbs., stands 154 feet top to bottom, has a diameter of 27.5 feet, and is the last remaining flight-qualified External Tank in existence.

Upon completion of stacking ET-94, the final Go for Stack phase will be the move, lift, and installation of Endeavour itself."

* Text courtesy of the California Science Center

 Unless otherwise noted - Photos by and courtesy of Stephen Silberkraus

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