Rebellion Pizza in Henderson
Rebellion Pizza first opened in May 2021 but was conceptualized over many years. The owners, Ricky Lewis and Ryan Pierras, met about fifteen years ago while working at a local chain restaurant.

They honed their ability to work well under pressure through strict and tough training. Working at various pizza restaurants and learning from some of the best pizza chefs they continued to study the business.

Although working full time, the pair spent their weekends experimenting – making all kinds of pizzas, doughs, and sauces. The would-be partners developed business plans, menus, and various concepts for what would become Rebellion Pizza.

The plan … build a pizza restaurant that adheres to high standards while offering a great menu.

Prior to opening Rebellion, the partners worked on the building and restaurant themselves. They built the tables, constructed the patio, put in flooring, and they even cut the wall down themselves to install the front counter. The do-it-yourself duo repairs their own oven and has recently built their own food truck. In order to keep the business sustainable, the partners practice self sufficiency wherever possible. The two are prepared to learn any and all repairs needed on all of their equipment. In doing so, they are able to meet the current needs of the business without compromising the future needs of the business.

Rebellion Pizza is open five days a week, from Tuesday through Saturday. At times, the wait for the limited indoor and outdoor seating can be lengthy, but we are told that Rebellion’s patrons are not discouraged by long wait times. Rebellion enjoys a brisk take-out business and their staff prides themselves on always being friendly, courteous, and responsive.

Making a huge splash during their first two years, Rebellion Pizza is an exciting business to watch. Rebellion Pizza is at 2540 Anthem Village Dr., #100 in Henderson. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m.

You can find them online at

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