- Danny Tarkanian -
The following is a recap of the January 4th Board of County Commission (BOCC) meeting:
2023 YEAR-END RECAP (Commentary)
County Staff
Jenifer Davidson took over as the county manager and provided a refreshing approach to what I consider the most important aspect of a County Commissioner’s job, constituent services. Nothing makes me feel better about the job I am doing than to help a constituent solve a problem. I am not successful all the time, but I always try.
National Anthem
My father was a college basketball coach. He had great success coaching inner-city black basketball players who had trouble on and off the court. He was heavily criticized for recruiting these players. He was told they did not belong on a college campus.
COMMENTARY: Affirmative Action
No one can dispute that slavery, segregation, and racism has made it much more difficult for Black Americans to achieve success in America. Only the plight of Native Americans is close. America should help Black and Native Americans attain a level playing field with the rest of its citizens.
Basic Consideration and Courtesy (Commentary)
I run a nonprofit sports facility called the Tarkanian Basketball Academy. We teach young kids the life lessons they learn through playing sports such as work ethic, handling adversity, and winning with class and losing with dignity.
COMMENTARY: People Who are the Most Successful Lie the Best and Have the Most Money to Lie Most Often
My wife, Amy, just won the first part of her defamation lawsuit against the Executive Director of the Nevada GOP. The District Court ruled that the Executive Director, Alida Benson, had not offered any evidence at all establishing any truth to her comments.

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