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Democrats reject Lombardo’s $3.2M funding request for private school scholarships
Lawmakers accuse governor of manufacturing crisis, point blame at ‘greedy’ Florida-based scholarship organization

The inner mechanics of Nevada’s quasi-private school voucher program came under intense scrutiny Wednesday during a nearly 12-hour meeting that ended with Democrats rejecting Gov. Joe Lombardo’s $3.2 million funding request.
Street food vendors are ‘open for business’ said NV governor; Clark County disagrees
A video showing a violent confrontation between police and a street food vendor near the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign has exposed significant holes in the implementation of a bill meant to bring the iconic retailers out of the shadows.
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My father was a college basketball coach. He had great success coaching inner-city black basketball players who had trouble on and off the court. He was heavily criticized for recruiting these players. He was told they did not belong on a college campus.
No Labels qualifies in Nevada as minor party for 2024 general election
National group has stated intent to run presidential candidate in all 50 states

No Labels, a national campaign to field a third-party presidential candidate in 2024, has qualified for Nevada’s general election ballot as a minor party, the secretary of state’s office confirmed to the Current Friday. It marks the first time a minor party has qualified for a general election ballot in the Silver State since the 1970s.
Nonpartisan voters now outnumber Democrats, Republicans in Nevada
Nonpartisans now outnumber both the Democratic and Republican parties in Nevada. Data from the Nevada Secretary of State’s office released this week shows there are now 605,112 nonpartisans (31.86% of active registered voters), compared to 601,882 Democrats (31.69%) and 551,090 Republicans (29%).
Today, the Clark County School District (CCSD) filed a complaint in District Court for an injunction to prevent the CCEA from striking in violation of state law. This action is based on the CCEA’s threats, which were publicly reiterated this weekend, to engage in “work actions”, clearly amounting to a strike, if a contract between the CCEA and the District is not reached by August 26.
Lombardo assures street vendors police are on their side
In a bill signing ceremony Tuesday, Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo praised legislation decriminalizing street vendors in classic conservative terms: “entrepreneurship” and reducing regulatory burdens for small businesses.
Perennial Candidate Mack Miller Jailed on Theft Charges
BREAKING STORY: Former candidate for Lieutenant Governor and political firebrand, Mack Joseph Miller is no stranger to run-ins with the law. Last week, Miller was remanded into custody over allegations that he stole an amount of money in excess of $100,000.
NV Energy wants Las Vegans to subsidize wealthier Northern Nevadans
Rate scheme incentivizes waste, expense padding by utility, say experts
NV Energy is asking regulators to saddle ratepayers with more than $30 million in expenses the company chalks up to preventing damage from natural disasters, including what experts deem wasteful spending, such as lavish dinners and an outreach event at a Lake Tahoe casino that cost $5,222 and drew ten people.
Photo Journal: Summerlin Fourth of July Parade
On a warm summer morning, neighbors from all across the valley came to Summerlin for their annual 4th of July Parade.
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