SOS announces appointments for sidewalk vending task force
Nevada Secretary of State Francisco Aguilar announced appointments for a task force to recommend regulations for sidewalk vendors on Wednesday.

(Courtesy Photo: Rico Ocampo/Make The Road)

Earlier this year, state lawmakers passed a new law requiring cities and counties to establish a clear licensing process for street food vendors, who face barriers and rules that make it too difficult, time-consuming or expensive to obtain valid permits.

Under the new state law, the Nevada secretary of state’s office is required to set up a task force that can recommend business permitting and regulations for sidewalk vending. 

Members on the “Task Force on Safe Sidewalk Vendors” will serve three year terms without compensation. The first meeting is scheduled for Oct. 24 at 2 p.m. No meeting location or agenda for that meeting has been announced yet.

The task force will work on identifying and removing barriers street vendors face when trying to legitimize their businesses and obtain licensure. 

Under state law, the task force will have nine members, including representatives from the health district, a county or city, the gaming or restaurant industry, law enforcement, street vendors, and community organizations that represent and advocate for them.

Four members of the task force chosen by the Secretary of State are sidewalk vendors or affiliated with a community organization that represents and affiliates with sidewalk vendors.

Task Force on Safe Sidewalk Vending members:

  • Samuel Cano – Member of a street food vendor family
  • Joelle Gutman Dodson – Government Affairs Liaison, Northern Nevada Public Health 
  • Paloma M. Guerrero – Deputy Public Defender, Clark County
  • Cinthia Moore – Environmental Justice Coalition Coordinator, Make the Road Nevada 
  • Paul J. Moradkhan –  Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Vegas Chamber
  • Vincent Queano – Director of Business Licensing, Clark County
  • Maggie Salas Crespo – Deputy Secretary of State for Southern Nevada
  • Beth Schmidt – Lieutenant, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
  • Teodora Tepetzi – Street Food Vendor
JENIFFER SOLIS, Nevada Current

Jeniffer was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada where she attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas before graduating in 2017 with a B.A in Journalism and Media Studies.

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